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Tales From Tomorrow

Always fresh and original, Mark Onspaugh, author of the popular “Christmas Ghost Stories” and the novel “The Faceless One,” brings his unique vision to a genre he has loved since childhood: science fiction.

In “Tales from Tomorrow,” a choice collection of sixteen futuristic stories, you will journey to places at once familiar and yet strange, including certain places in the universe where humans are not allowed!

Tales From Tomorrow


From files located at the Universal Library, Galactic Branch, we discover robots, time travelers, genetic hybrids, criminal activities in the near and distant future, late explorers to that quaint backwater, the planet Earth and so much more. Poignant, satirical and filled with wonder, these prescient tales evoke Ray Bradbury, Robert Sheckley and Eric Frank Russell.

Nominated for a prestigious Pushcart Prize, writer Onspaugh has several new collections of short stories and two supernatural novels from Random House’s Hydra imprint, The Faceless One and Deadlight Jack.