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Kill Katie Malone (2010)

Kill Katie Malone


Flight of the living dead : Outbreak on a plane (2007)

Flight of the living dead

Outbreak on a plane (2007)

Other screenplays available

“THE HATCH” is a sci-fi horror film with a unique and twisted original monster.  It promises to be scary, fun and sexy.

“ALL THE PRETTY FLOWERS” – young women at risk are sent to a creepy halfway house out in the bayou.  There an ancient creature with an unspeakable appetite waits…

“DESECRATION” – friends on vacation run over a roadside shrine to a boy killed years before.  As they become hopelessly lost, a supernatural and malevolent force pursues them.

“KILL-O-WATT” (with Dennis Copelan) – a bully is accidently killed in a fight and resurrected by the school’s leading science geek…

“NIGHTMARE IN GREEN” – a grieving widower uses a dark and bloody ritual to bring his wife back from the dead, but what comes back isn’t remotely human…